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Pandemic Plastic Surgery: Who is Doing What, Where, and Why?

Pandemic Plastic Surgery

Pandemic Plastic Surgery is on the Rise – For Professionals, Parents, and More…

Apart from the desire to gain some semblance of control in a world run amok, there are plenty of reasons why people are having plastic surgery now.

Typically the decision to have a procedure is not an impulsive one.

Rather, professionals, parents, and others are primarily using the pandemic as a catalyst for self-care.

These are the top five reasons patients are telling us they want Surgery Now

  • Self-Investment / Self-Care: This has been a year of unprecedented challenges for all of us. Many people are working harder than ever, whether at home, the office, or as an essential worker. They feel they’ve earned a pick-me-up. Some are investing in themselves after years of caring for family members.
  • The Feel-Good Factor: Vacations have been canceled, nights-out occur next-to-never, splurging on fancy threads seems pointless… People just want to feel good and personal improvement of any kind feels productive. Plus, the results from procedures can be long-lasting.
  • Discrete Downtime: It’s easy to recover when you can work from home, wear facemasks in public to hide evidence of recovery, and spend all day in athleisure below the Zoomlens.
  • The Zoom Boom: Endless Zoom calls have made all of us more aware of sleepy eyelids and “angry lines”. That… and webcams, poor lighting, and unflattering angles sometimes exaggerate features we’re not-so-happy with.
  • The Quarantine 15: Comfort-food and “quarantini” consumption were up in 2020; gym routines and access/inclination were down. The new year is here and as people lose weight, they are discovering their skin may not bounce back the way it used to. People come for surgery simply because they want to love the skin they’re in again.

Here’s How We’re Taking Caution & Care To Address COVID-19

Patient and practitioner safety is our top priority!

In addition to observing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Connecticut Department of Public Health, here’s what we are doing:
  • Limiting in-person appointments with increased safety protocols in place.
  • Offering “Virtual Visits” for consultations and select follow-up appointments that do not necessitate an in-person visit. Text 203-772-1444 or use this form to request time.
  • Offering weekend and evening consultations (however follow-ups will only be available weekdays)
  • Sterilizing exam rooms between each patient
  • Sterilizing all common touchpoints hourly to maintain safe and sanitary spaces
  • All staff will be a mask at all times
  • Designating check-in, check-out, and waiting area locations with plexiglass installations to minimize contact
  • Operating in out-patient surgical facilities (not hospitals, though Dr. Restifo and Dr. Mao still retains hospital privileges) to minimize potential exposure
  • Requiring COVID tests for patients before surgery to minimize risk
For Those Who Have Upcoming Appointments, Our New Protocols Include Asking Patients To: 
    1. Wait in their vehicle until called into the building via text
    2. Wear a mask to enter the building
    3. Honor 6′ social distancing guidelines within the waiting area and check-in / check-out locations
We Are Also Screening All Patients Upon Arrival And:
    1. Taking temperatures and rescheduling anyone with a fever of 99 degrees or more
    2. Confirming patients have NOT shown any symptoms over the past 14 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc) and if so, rescheduling as needed
    3. Confirming patients have NOT been out of the country or in domestic hotspots for at least 14 days
    4. Confirming patients have NOT been in physical contact over the past 14 days with family members or colleagues who may have been exposed to COVID-19.
    5. Asking that patients attend appointments alone or if you need physical assistance that you attend with no more than one other person, who is also required to wear a mask and have a temperature screening.
    6. Asking that you do not bring children to the office.

In an abundance of caution, we regret we will need to turn anyone away who has not met our screening requirements. We are happy to continue supporting patients over the phone, virtual appointments, and via email, as is convenient for you.

If you or a family member has been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19 or influenza in 2021, we ask that you let us know.

We truly appreciate your honesty and cooperation as we bind together as a community to keep one another well.


Who is Doing What and Where?

For younger and middle-aged women the most common surgical procedures include breast augmentation and/or breast lift, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lift, and mommy makeovers. Breast implant removal, revision, and reduction are common among all ages, as is labiaplasty.

See Dr. Restifo’s Photo Galleries & Read Real Patient Reviews

Men have been coming in for liposuction, tummy tucks, and gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Restifo in addition to facial procedures with Dr. Mao.

For all demographics, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) has been immensely popular. Eyelid surgery and facelifts have also increased in demand for men and women 40+ and older.

The most popular non-surgical treatments include injectables like Botox and fillers for pandemic-caused stress lines, and laser skin resurfacing to freshen up complexions (Fun Fact: winter is the best time for this procedure because we are exposed to less sunshine).

See Dr. Mao’s Photo Galleries & Read Real Patient Reviews

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, lip fillers are also popular.

Plan Realistically

Since it’s a popular time of the year for surgery, it’s important for prospective patients to schedule a consultation at least two to three months before they’re hoping to have surgery. For injectables, you tyipcally need to call several weeks in advance.

It’s also important to understand that medical clearances may take a little longer to get if you need a mammogram, annual physical, specialized test, or doctor’s visit since many offices have reduced capacity.

Although cosmetic treatments can produce amazing results and provide a big boost in confidence, it’s also important to think practically when considering procedures, whether surgical or not. Moreover, surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck are not designed as weight loss solutions. In fact, for many procedures, you want to be within 10-15 lbs of your steady ideal weight before having surgery. It’s also important that your BMI is 35 or lower for safety and recovery reasons.

Deciding to have a procedure should not be an impulsive decision or one that’s driven by outside pressure. It needs to be carefully considered and planned for, particularly since the emotional and physical effects can be long-lasting.

Apart from accounting for the general recovery period for a given procedure, anyone considering surgery should also ensure they understand:

  • What are the potential side effects and risks?
  • What will the scarring look like?
  • Are there restrictions regarding post-treatment recovery (i.e. avoiding the sun or participating in certain types of physical activities until the body is fully healed)?

Every treatment has its own benefits and potential risks. It’s important that patients do their homework by choosing a board-certified surgeon who is qualified to explain all the surgical and non-surgical options available.  Reading online reviews and stories about real results can be helpful during the decision-making process.

Quarantine Considerations for Cosmetic Surgery

For anyone planning to travel, it’s important to be mindful that State and Federal quarantine restrictions may affect scheduling. Additionally, facilities are requiring COVID-19 testing, even for patients who have been vaccinated.

Regardless of what cosmetic improvements a person decides to pursue, they should feel informed, empowered, and confident that they’ve made the best choice available.


Need help budgeting for surgery? Financing is available through Care Credit.

If you have questions or want to learn more, text us at 203-772-1444.



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