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Bridalplasty & Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery

Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery is on the Rise – and Brides Aren’t the Only Ones Coming In

When it comes to any major social function – weddings, reunions, graduations, charity functions, etc. – we all want to look our absolute best.

Apart from getting enough rest, eating well, and indulging in a spa day before a special event, there’s an increasing trend towards seeking out beauty solutions that will last well beyond a one-day affair.  With engagement season in full swing, the latest consideration on a bride’s pre-wedding to-do list is a “bridalplasty”; a makeover including one or several procedures that guarantee they look and feel picture-perfect on their special day.

Typically the decision to have a cosmetic surgery is not an impulsive one. Rather, brides – and attendants, grooms, and parents – treat an upcoming wedding as a catalyst to having a procedure they’ve been considering for quite some time. Any why not?  For anyone wanting plump lips, smooth skin, and youthful eyes, there are some quick, simple, non-invasive solutions, while those desiring longer-lasting improvements can achieve their goals through cosmetic surgery.



Who is Doing What (and Where)?

For brides and mothers-of-the-bride, the most common surgical procedures include breast augmentation and/or breast lift, liposuction, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), arm lifts, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), and face lifts.  And for everyone else – including the guys who want to get rid of love handles and crow’s feet – the most popular non-surgical treatments include injectables like Botox, fillers, and laser skin resurfacing.

Here’s a procedure-specific timeline to ensure that everyone schedules their procedures far enough in advance.


Procedure Beauty Solution When to Come In Prior to the Event


Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift For beautiful, natural-looking, proportional breasts to fill out       the dress


3 months in advance is ideal so breasts have time to heal and settle.


To get rid of those stubborn       inches that won’t respond to diet and exercise:  liposuction works well    on lateral thighs, stomach, arms,   lower back and love-handles.


3+ months in advance works well so the swelling disappears and the final contouring is obvious.
Abdominoplasty: Full or Partial Tummy Tuck To flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles.


3-6 months in advance (often done at the same time as a breast augmentation and/or lift)
Laser Hair Removal For smooth, silky, hair-free skin


3 months prior with follow up appointments if necessary.
Injectables & Fillers To add volume, alter contours,    add definition, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles; common treatment areas include the face, neck, and hands, resulting in a fuller, smoother and more        youthful appearance.


3-4 weeks before is ideal
Lip Augmentation For full, luscious lips 3-4 weeks prior should provide plenty of time for healing


Rhinoplasty (nose job) For a picture-perfect profile accomplished by reshaping the nose


6 months prior
Facelift To counteract the signs of aging       by tightening muscle, removing        fat, and trimming excess skin on the face 3-6 months prior (the earlier, the better)


Plan Realistically

Although cosmetic treatments can produce amazing results and provide a big boost in confidence, it’s important to think practically when considering cosmetic treatments, whether surgical or not.  Deciding to have a procedure should not be an impulsive decision or one that’s driven by outside pressure. It needs to be carefully considered and planned for, particularly since the emotional and physical effects can last well beyond one special day.

Apart from accounting for the general recovery period for a given procedure, anyone considering surgery should also ensure they understand:

  • What are the potential side effects and risks?
  • If the desired results are not achieved, can it be fixed by the event date?
  • What will the scarring look like?
  • Are there restrictions regarding post-treatment recovery (i.e. avoiding the sun or participating in certain types of physical activities until the body is fully healed)?

Every treatment has its own benefits and potential risks. It’s important that patients do their homework by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is qualified to explain all the surgical and non-surgical options available.  While there are many “medi-spas” that offer similar services, only a board-certified plastic surgeon is qualified to offer a full array of options based on a patient’s desired beauty goals.  Reading online reviews and stories about real results can be helpful during the decision-making process.

Regardless of what cosmetic improvements a person decides to pursue, they should feel informed, empowered, and confident that they’ve made the best choice available. If you have questions or want to learn more about packages for multiple services contact Marie for more information.

Need help budgeting for bridalplasty services? Financing is available through Care Credit.


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