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Do I Need Breast Implants or Lift, or Both?

Do I Need Breast Implants or a Breast Lift or Both

“Do I need a breast lift or breast implants, or both?” is a question I hear a lot.  

As a surgeon, we hear all sorts of words.

Sagging. Drooping. Floppy. Loose. Deflated.

These are not words that we want to use to describe the shape of a woman’s breasts.


What changes in a woman’s body might necessitate a breast lift or breast implants, or both?

Firstly, there are things that we cannot control.

Time. Gravity. Genetics.

Then throw in the effects of pregnancy and weight fluctuation, and we get to the point where we just want the breasts to ….shape up.

So how do we address it?

The situation we have is too much skin for the amount of breast tissue.

If we remove the extra skin from the breast then the remaining skin will act as a sort of pushup bra on the breast tissue.

This skin removal  is what we call a “breast  lift”.

There are basically three types of breast  lift, depending on the amount of skin that has to be removed. 

During a breast lift, the skin can be removed from….around the areola, or ……..around the areola and down,or….around the areola and down and along the crease.

The lift will restore the shape of the breasts but will not increase the size of the breasts, so a lift is best chosen by a woman that would not mind be a little smaller in size.

Or instead of removing skin, as in a lift, we can fill the skin with something….in other words…. implants.

The breast implants can be very effective at creating fullness and improved shape and this is a great option if a larger size is one of your goals.

Often, a woman will choose to have both a breast lift with implants together, as this can lead to the most dramatic improvements in the appearance of the breasts.

The skin is tightened and the skin is filled, which leads to a totally new breast shape.


Learn more about breast lift with implants here.  

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